Together for climate protection and human rights

Human rights apply to everyone simply by virtue of being human!
Where Human rights are violated, we act immediately and raise our voice for justice!
In a vivid exchange with people we look for a deeper understanding and a creative exchange with their culture.
The cultures of the peoples are a high spiritual asset that needs to be protected!
We support cultural work as an important form of human expression.
Education and communication are the key to peace and freedom!
Our motto: Human first

burning rainforest


In our topics we shed light on the background of our work and our projects. We let those affected have their say and show their poetry and works of art as an expression of their experiences and their humanity.

  • Background of escape stories, human rights violations & life in Afghanistan

    The implementation of human rights for all requires prerequisites such as: A critical public and a free, solidary society without discrimination. With our background information we hope to create a better understanding for those affected. Since the state studiously ignores human rights violations at Europe's external borders, we need a strong civil society committed to the implementation of human rights for all.

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  • The Amazon rainforest and its indigenous peoples

    Only by protecting and supporting the indigenous peoples and their culture can we sustainably protect and regenerate the Amazon rainforest. They protect and care for their homeland through their culture, which is deeply connected to nature, and their great biological knowledge. But what do we know about them and their culture? We hope that we can shed light on these deep connections with our background information.

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  • Music events, poetry & works of art

    Peoples' cultures are great intellectual property that must be protected, and artistic work is an important form of human expression. Here you will find works of art from ceramics to poetry, from pictures to music. Works of art by those affected are often an expression of their experiences, but also of their humanity. - You will also find information about our benefit concerts and other cultural events here.

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